Alpine Energy warned by Commerce Commission for quality standards breach

The Commerce Commission has issued electricity company Alpine Energy with a formal warning for breaching its regulated quality standard in 2016.

Deputy chair Sue Begg said in a statement, the Commission considered the breach occurred partly because the South Canterbury electricity company failed to invest sufficiently in maintaining or replacing overhead lines that it had been identified as being old, below specification or prone to failure in adverse weather, "due to competing priorities".

The Commerce Commission also said that Alpine Energy had not undertaken enough tree trimming and removal around its powerlines, also contributing to the breach.

"In this instance we considered a warning was sufficient as Alpine was taking steps during the period when the breach occurred to improve the condition of its overhead lines and increase tree trimming and removal."

"It also continued investing in these areas, which is reflected in Alpine complying with is quality standards in 2017 and 2018," she says.

"Alpine is however on notice that any future breach may result in court proceedings and a financial penalty," Ms Begg said.

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