'I almost died in a car accident' – James Shaw reveals near miss ahead of Winston's election decision




James Shaw has revealed a close call with death on the night Winston Peters announced he would be forming a coalition with Labour, as the Green Party entered into a confidence and supply agreement in government. 

In his election review, the Green Party's James Shaw joked about how his campaign almost ended in disaster.
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During his election review yesterday, Mr Shaw spoke about the tumultuous election campaign the Green Party experienced, which saw poll results drop below the five per cent threshold and the party lose its co-leader Metiria Turei. 

Despite the rocky ride, Mr Shaw said he thought Mr Peters would choose to go with Labour as the slogan 'Had Enough?' indicated a move against the "status quo" of the National Party.

However, it was when Mr Shaw was on his way to hear NZ First's announcement when he had a very near-miss. 

"It was an incredibly positive night, enough though I almost died in a car accident on the way there," he said. 

"Going round a round-about and a driver came out of our left hand side and came that [he indicates about a foot] close to knocking us off the road.

"I thought, that would have been quite the end to the campaign wouldn't it?

"How appropriate," he joked. 

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