Alleged axe attack on Parliament cost $5000 to repair

It cost about $5000 to repair the damage to the Beehive's public entrance after it was allegedly destroyed by an axe-weilding man yesterday.

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A man allegedly wielded an axe to break numerous glass panels. Source: 1 NEWS

Parliamentary Service confirmed $5007.80 worth of repair costs to 1 NEWS today:

  • $4207.80 for the glass replacement
  • $200 for the clean-up
  • $600 for the mechanical door checks and adjustments

Yesterday, a 31-year-old man appeared in a secure room at the Wellington District Court after allegedly damaging glass panels with an axe at Parliament.

The man is facing three charges including intent to damage, resisting a constable, and possessing an offensive weapon without authority or lawful excuse.

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Man appears in secure court room after alleged axe attack on Parliament

The man is also facing another, separate charge of intent to damage after allegedly smashing glass at a petrol station in Rotorua on December 4.

The defendant was granted bail by the judge on the grounds he remained in custody at Wellington District Court for further mental health assessments, after which he will be bailed to a mental health facility.

There was no indication yesterday’s events have any link to the rioting and invasion of the US Capitol in Washington DC last week.

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Dr Paul Buchanan says security at New Zealand’s Parliament was designed for a “bygone era”. Source: 1 NEWS

The man will appear again in court on January 26.