'All we ask for is common sense': Irate Kiwi farmer films his angry response to calves being grossly mistreated




A charged-up Kiwi farmer has filmed his response to damning footage of calves being grossly mistreated, saying the people involved represent only one per cent of the industry.

He was responding to a TVNZ Sunday investigation that revealed shocking footage of a small portion of people in the dairy industry, grossly mistreating calves and livestock.

A dairy farmer shares his thoughts on the shocking images of animal cruelty which have raised concerns about how bobby calves are treated.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Those mongrels that you see on TV, (they) are one per cent of the industry that need to be kicked out of the place," the unidentified farmer said in his selfie video.

"Ninety nine per cent of the dairy farmers out there work their a**** off," he went on to say.

"All we ask for is a bit of common sense."

Hundreds of others have joined the backlash against the rogue operators - with many defending the dairy industry's integrity.

ONE News reader Kelly Wolfe maintained there were two sides to the story.

SAFE react to the Sunday investigation which revealed shocking allegations of calves being regularly beaten.
Source: Breakfast

"Despite what the sensationalist people at SAFE want you to think, this is in no way representative of 99% of the dairy industry," said Kelly.

"I would love to see both sides of the story, and all the farmers who do treat their stock and bobbies well, instead of supporting this one-sided and unfair reporting."

Auddle Stewart was all for naming and shaming the people involved in the malicious mistreatment of the animals.

"Yes there are good farmers who do care for animals but there are also cruel bastards who need to be exposed," Auddle said.

"Name and shame so they can't be allowed to own or work with animals ever."

Animal welfare group SAFE is calling for an investigation into the Ministry for Primary Industries after the shocking animal cruelty pictures were revealed by TVNZ's Sunday.

The Sunday footage shows New Zealand dairy calves left for dead and hurled onto trucks in Waikato.

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