All-electric car nominated as most reliable by Consumer NZ

They're becoming more visible on our roads, and despite little noise mechanically, electric cars are creating quite a stir among Kiwis.

Electric vehicles grab attention of 30,000 strong crowd at Auckland's ASB Showgrounds for Big Boys Toys event. Source: 1 NEWS

In fact, the all-electric Nissan Leaf has just been named by Consumer New Zealand as the most reliable in a survey they ran.

And at the Big Boys Toys event at Auckland's ASB Showgrounds 30,000 people flocked to view and test drive electric cars, such as the Tesla.

"I think the change is coming sooner than we think and so that's the direction that we are going to take the show.. we'll still have the petroleum based cars but we are going to see a lot more electric vehicles," Big Boys Toys event director Dean Wilson says

"This year's been really interesting people are coming to experience the electric vehicle test drives, see Teslas.

"So 25 percent have indicated that was their key reason for coming."

The National government said its fleet of cars would be electric by 2021, with a general target of 64,000 electric cars on our roads in four years.