Where are all the apples? Supermarkets struggling to fill their shelves

New Zealand has an apple shortage.

New Zealand has an apple shortage - so when will it be over? Source: 1 NEWS

Supermarkets nationwide have been struggling to fill their shelves with the popular and normally available year-round fruit due to a slow start to summer.

Wairarapa's Pine Haven Orchards, which is the home of the gala apple, collects 15,000 cartons a year.

Orchardist Steve Meyrick says three weeks of cooler weather compared to last year has pushed harvesting out.

He says they will start picking in three weeks' time, with gala apples still six weeks away.

Mr Meyrick says he believes it's a problem for apple growers from Gisborne through to Central Otago.

Countdown says New Zealand apples are in between seasons at the moment and the strong export market last year means they're in short supply until the new season of New Zealand apples.

New season royal gala New Zealand apples will be available for next weekend.

"Apples are very popular with our customers so we have imported a range of apples to make sure Kiwis can still enjoy an apple mid-season," a Countdown spokesman said.