Airbnb hosts from Wellington to Christchurch offer free accommodation to those affected by Tasman fire

Almost 90 Airbnb hosts located between Christchurch and Wellington are offering free accommodation to evacuees affected by the fires in Tasman.

Eighty-six people have opened their homes to those who've been displaced, anywhere from two nights to a couple of weeks if needed.

An Airbnb host in Wellington said it was a "no brainer" to offer a bed to those who couldn’t return home at the moment.

Angel told 1 NEWS she wanted to do something practical to help out those who had been displaced.

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    1 NEWS reporter Lisa Davies was with the family. Source: 1 NEWS

    "From my perspective, I was sitting at home thinking how can I help ... sometimes you just want to do something practical.

    "I think it's awesome that they (Airbnb) do it," she said. "We just clicked (the option) immediately. We didn’t even think about it."

    Airbnb sent out a message to those between Christchurch and Wellington asking if hosts would consider opening their homes to evacuees.

    The number of people offering their homes on the site had more than doubled from last night.

    She wanted to get the message out there that this was an option for evacuees to consider as not many people had been taking up the offers yet.

    Angel said anyone was able to sign up to the Airbnb site and offer their home or a room to evacuees for this time – hosts don’t have to remain on the site permanently.

    Visit this website to sign up or find a place to stay for free.

    By Emily Heyward

    NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 8: Distress residents gather at the evacuation centre after been told to leave their homes in Wakefield as forest fires continue to burn across the Tasman District on February 8, 2019 in Richmond, near Nelson, New Zealand. A state of emergency has been declared in Tasman as a forest fire continues to burn. The fire has doubled in size overnight after starting in Pigeon Valley on Tuesday afternoon. Emergency services say the fire has covered about 1870 hectares, with a perimeter of 20km, causing 170 homes to be evacuated. (Photo by Evan Barnes/Getty Images)
    Distressed residents gather at the evacuation centre after been told to leave their homes in Wakefield. Source: Getty