Air NZ reveals it has done work for eight different navies in past decade

The country's national carrier has opened up more about its history working with international militaries through their gas turbine business. 

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Airline boss Greg Foran has spent the day apologising. Source: 1 NEWS

Air New Zealand has been criticised after a 1 NEWS investigation revealed the company's subsidiary had done work for the Saudi Navy who are alleged to be responsible for fuelling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 

CEO Greg Foran had refused to name most of the countries yesterday beyond New Zealand, Australia and the US during a select committee meeting in Parliament. 

He'd admitted to MPs he was aware of roughly five or so countries that Air New Zealand had military contracts with but wouldn't name them. 

Air New Zealand released a statement late last night detailing their engine repair work ties to Canada, Norway, Taiwan and Turkey, along with the already disclosed countries. 

The work had been completed over the past decade.

Former Air NZ boss Chris Luxon says military contract process was 'a mistake'

“The type of work undertaken for these customers includes the overhaul and repair of gas turbines, the major components of these being gas generators or power turbines for navy ships," Foran said.

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CEO of Air New Zealand Greg Foran and Board Chair Dame Therese Walsh faced a committee of MPs today. Source: 1 NEWS

He says the airline's current work with the Australia, Canada, Turkish, Taiwanese and United States navies at their Auckland workshop were now under review. 

“We are continuing to move forward with the thorough assessment of our past records to ensure we have examined all of the data, but at this stage in the process these are the navies we are aware of having carried out engine overhaul or repair work for.”

Both an internal and external investigation into the company's dealings with overseas military is now underway with QC Mike Heron appointed to the review team. 

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It comes after a 1 NEWS investigation revealed the national carrier had been helping the Saudi military. Source: 1 NEWS

An outcome from the internal review is expected in the next week, with the full audit of their dealings likely to take the next fortnight.