Air NZ passengers with same wedding date as Meghan and Harry gifted airport lounge access

Air NZ will be celebrating the royal wedding by offering complementary airport lounge access to all customers who share the same wedding date as Harry and Meghan - May 19.

Customers with this  wedding anniversary need to present their marriage certificate dated May 19, to access any Air NZ operated lounge.

Air New Zealand Manager Global Lounges Ali Swarbrick says it's terrific to get behind the much-anticipated royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and share the excitement with customers.

"We look forward to rolling out the red carpet for customers travelling with us on Saturday and invite them to celebrate their own special day with us as we acknowledge the royal nuptials," Ms Swarbrick said.

"In addition to welcoming these special guests into our lounges, we'll be serving celebratory Kir Royale cocktails in the Auckland International, Sydney, Los Angeles, Wellington Domestic and Christchurch Domestic lounges and running a fun wedding cake competition."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are understood to have chosen elderflower flavour for their wedding cake.

So customers in the Auckland International, Sydney, Los Angeles, Wellington Domestic and Christchurch Domestic lounges will be able to sample elderflower wedding cake made by the kitchen staff in each of these lounges as part of an in-house challenge.

New footage released shows the huge construction process from start to finish.
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Counterfeit $50 notes circulating in Palmerston North - police warn

Police are urging residents in Palmerston North to be on the look out for counterfeit money, after a number of $50 notes have been presented at various shops.

At least eight fake $50 notes have been presented at supermarkets, pubs, and service stations in Palmerston North since May 14.

"We are asking the community to ensure they pay extra attention to any larger denomination notes they come into contact with," Constable Mark Reid said.

"People who work in jobs where they handle cash are also asked to take extra care."

Police are asking anyone with information to contact local police, or anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Advice for people when they suspect they are being given counterfeit money:

If you haven't accepted the banknote yet, politely refuse to accept it.

Under no circumstances should you take actions that may jeopordise your safety or that of others.

Please report to the police that someone potentially attempted to pass a counterfeit note.

If you are in possession of a suspect banknote, store the banknote safely and handle it as little as possible.

Note all relevant details such as date, time and place of receipt, car registration number and whether you have CCTV.

Please hand any suspect banknote to Police as soon as possible and provide any details around how you came into possession of it.

File image of $50 and $100 notes. Source: 1 NEWS


Judge says Colin Mitchell had clear and disturbing pattern of serious sexual offending as predator is jailed indefinitely over brutal attacks on two women

Rapist and serial sex offender Colin Jack Mitchell has been jailed indefinitely for two brutal attacks on women 25 years apart.

Mitchell, 60, showed no emotion as Judge Sally Fitzgerald handed down the sentence at the Auckland High Court today.

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In March, Mitchell was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a 23-year-old woman at the Riverhead quarry, as well as the rape of a woman in 1992, which had previously gone unsolved.

In sentencing, Judge Fitzgerald said there was a clear and disturbing pattern of serious sexual offending.

"There is also a clear similarity between the nature of your offending, including its predatory nature, offending against strangers, seeking out vulnerable victims, associated violence, threats of further violence if instructions are not carried out, and in more recent times, removal of your victims to remote locations to prevent detection," Judge Fitzgerald said.

Health assessors determined Mitchell was at high risk of sexual re-offending, and Judge Fitzgerald noted rehabilitation would be unsuccessful because Mitchell continues to deny his offending.

The victim in the 2017 attack also read out an emotional victim impact statement, the details of which, cannot be reported. But Crown prosecutor Kirsten Lummis told the court, the repercussions of Mitchell's actions will last a lifetime for his victim.

Mitchell was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and suffers from diabetes.

Outside court, Detective Senior Sergeant Kim Libby said he hoped the sentence would bring Mitchell's two victims some closure.

"Today is not about the offender, but it's about the two victims and the horrendous offending that occurred against them."

"One of these victims has spent 25 years looking over her shoulder."