Air NZ the country's favourite employer for third year in a row, TVNZ up there too

Air New Zealand has retained the top spot as the most attractive employer in New Zealand for the third consecutive year and has now won the title six times in a survey by recruitment and HR company Randstad.

Source: 1 NEWS

The Randstad Employer Brand Research ranks the top employers and industries in New Zealand, as well as employee sentiment about attractive qualities in a job, through a survey of about 4000 New Zealand workers.

Air New Zealand was recognised for its financial health, use of latest technology and strong reputation. Kiwis also perceived the nation's favourite airline as having attractive salary and benefits and a pleasant work atmosphere. 

Public Sector organisations also performed well with the Department of Conservation taking out second place and New Zealand Customs Service coming in third - its first time in the top three. 

DOC was recognised for giving back to society, interesting job content and having a good reputation, while Customs was recognised for being financially healthy, providing job security and using the latest technologies.

TVNZ moved up one place from last year to be ranked the fourth most attractive employer in the country.

Consistent with results from last year, early education was perceived as being the most attractive industry sector, followed by tertiary education in second place and professional services in third.  Job security was the number one employee value attracting Kiwis when it came to early education, followed by strong reputation and being financially healthy. 

Randstad said that result is perhaps surprising given the current focus on teacher shortages.

The research also revealed what Kiwi employees most desire when it comes to looking for an employer.  The top value for employees in 2019 was attractive salary and benefits, followed by work-life balance, then a pleasant work atmosphere.  

Randstad said it's not surprising there was some variance across the generations.

For 50 per cent of 'Gen Z' - aged 18 to 24 - work life balance was key followed by good training, chosen by 44 per cent.

For Millennials - those aged 25 to 34 - attractive salary and benefits ranked highest at 54 per cent, followed by work-life balance at 51 per cent. 

It was a similar picture for 'Gen X' - aged 35 to 54 - with 57 per cent considering attractive salary and benefits most important followed by work-life balance at 51 per cent. 

And for Baby Boomers - those aged 55 to 64 - salary and benefits was number one at 56 per cent, followed by work-life balance at 53 per cent. 

The research indicated that 29 per cent of those surveyed planned to change employers within the next year and 22 per cent had switched companies in the last year. 

Limited career path, work-life balance issues and insufficient challenges were the top three reasons that would make New Zealanders look for a new employer.

New Zealand's Top 20 Most Attractive Employers 2019

1. Air New Zealand (same position)
2. Department of Conservation (same position)
3. New Zealand Customs Service (up seven places)
4. TVNZ (up one place)
5. Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (down two places)
6. Lion (new to Top 20)
7. Green Cross Health (new to Top 20)
8. Statistics New Zealand (new to Top 20)
9. Helloworld Group (new to Top 20)
10. University of Waikato (new to Top 20)
11. The University of Auckland (new to Top 20)
12. St. John New Zealand (new to Top 20)
13. Royal New Zealand Air Force (new to Top 20)
14. Flight Centre New Zealand (down four places)
15. Coca Cola Amatil (down four places)
16. Kiwibank (new to Top 20)
17. House of Travel (down eleven places)
18. AUT University (down ten places)
19. UNITEC Institute of Technology (new to Top 20)
20. BestStart (new to Top 20)

What New Zealand Workers Are Seeking From Work 2019

1. Attractive salary and benefits: 54%
2. Work-life balance: 53%
3. Job security: 43%
4. Pleasant work atmosphere: 42%
5. Good training: 38%
6. Strong management: 36%
7. Career progression: 35%
8. Flexible arrangements: 30%
9. Financially healthy: 24%
10. Location: 24%

New Zealand’s Top 10 Most Attractive Industries Awarded by Randstad in 2019

1. Early Education
2. Tertiary Education
3. Professional Services
4. Public Sector
6. Media
7. Information Technology & Telecommunications
8. Wholesale & Retail Trade
9. Transport & Logistics
10. Community Services