Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon to lead Prime Minister's new Business Advisory Council

Jacinda Ardern has this morning announced the formation of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, which will be chaired by Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon.

The council will provide free and frank advice to the prime minister on key economic issues as well as build closer relationships between government and business, Ms Ardern said in a statement following a speech that was delivered to the business community in Auckland.

The Prime Minister is establishing a Business Advisory Council to ensure the message gets across. Source: 1 NEWS

It will also create a vehicle to harness expertise from the private sector to inform the development of the Government’s economic policies.

The prime minister and Mr Luxon will determine the full makeup of the Council and its initial work programme in the coming weeks. 

“The Council will report to me on opportunities it sees and identify emerging challenges. It will bring new ideas to the table on how we can scale up New Zealand businesses and grow our export led wealth," said Ms Ardern. 

“I want to work closely with, and be advised by, senior business leaders who take a helicopter view of our economy, who are long term strategic thinkers who have the time and energy to lead key aspects of our economic agenda.

“The Council will complement the work the Government is already doing with the Small Business Council and business and union representative groups through the Tripartite Forum. Their work will focus on macro level economic strategy and active leadership on our economic agenda to build a more productive, inclusive and sustainable economy.”

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Mr Luxon said he is looking forward to working with government as chair of the council.

“I’m excited to chair this important initiative because I think building a better, more sustainable New Zealand is a cause well worth putting all our collective efforts and energy behind – business leaders working together with government,” Mr Luxon said.

“I believe all New Zealanders, regardless of our backgrounds, are united in wanting to see a more prosperous economy, a more cohesive society, and an enhanced environment. At the end of the day we will all get the country we deserve.”

Jacinda Ardern and Christopher Luxon. Source: 1 NEWS