Air New Zealand looking for new pilots to fill turboprop jobs nationwide

Air New Zealand is looking for a new crew of pilots to man its Turboprop Fleets this year.

Source: 1 NEWS

The national carrier has put the call out for budding pilots looking to land themselves in the right-hand seat of an ATR or a Dash 8 Q300. 

The job listing on the airline's website says the positions are located at a number of bases around New Zealand and those interested would enter at First Officer level.  

"We are looking for expressions of interest from pilots wanting to join Air New Zealand in our Turboprop Fleets in 2020. Here, you'll find yourself in the right-hand seat of an ATR or a Dash 8 Q300," the airline's job advertisement read. 

Both aircrafts are on the smaller side of Air New Zealand's fleet, with the ATR boasting 68 seats while the Dash 8 Q300 has 50. 

"Whether you are looking for a career flying props or a pathway to our jet fleet, this is a great point of entry. As a First Officer flying a Dash 8 Q300 or an ATR, you will play a pivotal role in flying our customers to their destinations for work, business, family or pleasure," the ad read.

The jobs are located in Auckland, Christchurch, Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth, Tauranga and Wellington.

Among the necessary requirements, applicants must be able to swim 50 metres in under two minutes, tread water for one minute, have university entrance and have experience flying during the night.