After their missing cat was found with its ears chopped off, Auckland owners still cautious

An Auckland family are still living cautiously six months after their missing cat was found with its ears chopped off.

Pippi and her family are living a happy life despite never finding out who in their neighbourhood mutilated the beloved cat this year. Source: 1 NEWS

In May this year, eight-year-old Pippi went missing from her family home on Auckland's North Shore.

Six weeks later she was found by an SPCA inspector just down the road from her home - with her ears chopped off.

SPCA Inspector Raj Patel described the incident as a deliberate act of cruelty.

"When I first came across Pippi, and we responded initially it was sort of shock and disbelief," Mr Patel told 1 NEWS.

To make matters worse the person responsible for the violence was never found.

"We had no leads as to who did it or what instrument they used, definitely a little frustrating to have no leads that we can investigate any further."

Pippi's owner Kelly Lightner said the whole episode had been shocking.

"It's been really freaky to know that someone in our neighbourhood could do this."

"The kids were really freaked out about wanting to make sure the cats were locked in all the time – obviously we can't do that, we've got a backyard, they like to go outside, lay on the deck."

But she said the incident has made them more vigilant.

"We've made sure that we know where they are every night and we certainly check them out in the mornings, I've got another cat as well and the two of them will pretty much hang out together the entire time."

Ms Lightner and her family are happy she's back to her old 'loving' self after an emotional reunion in June.

"I was at work one day, one of my teammates happened to see on her Facebook feed, and said 'oh my god, this poor cat'.

I looked at her and because she's such a unique looking cat, definitely by her face and by her eyes I went, 'Oh my gosh, that's Pippi'," said Ms Lightner.

"When I went up to the cage I was calling her, as I was walking up she couldn't see me, and as I was calling her she came right up to the end of the cage and was meowing.

"They opened the door and just jumped up into me and she was just all over me," she said.

"It was really sad to see her – she's such a loving cat – and to actually see that anybody could do that too her, it was quite an emotional day."

The Lightner family remain thankful that the piece of their family that was missing, has fitted back into place.

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