Aerial footage reveals how Canterbury farmers are completely cut-off by slips

A number of farmers and their families are completely cut-off with no water in Canterbury's Upper Rakaia Gorge area.

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Ross Bowmar has to hunker down until the slips are cleared. Source: 1 NEWS

Helicopter footage of the area taken by 1 NEWS shows massive slips have taken out all road access to the region.

Redcliffs Station farmer Ross Bowmar described the many issues he and his family are facing after the floods.

"We’ve lost our power scheme up here, it’s either buried under four metres of shingle or destroyed," he says.

"We can see some of our irrigation pipes floating on the surface, the stock water is all gone or ripped out and we’ve got no water in the house.

"It was pretty scary on Sunday there, when we got 180 odd mils of rain in 24 hours."

High country farmer Ross Bowmar stands in front of what used to be a bridge. Source: 1 NEWS

He hopes a 4WD track can soon be opened up for a supply run into town.

"It’s good when you see the neighbours, have a beer, and talk about what they’ve got going on as well. We’re all in the same boat, and we’ll solve it together."

Landslide in Upper Rakaia Gorge. Source: 1 NEWS

Bowmar says the rain event was around 50 per cent bigger than anything he has previously witnessed at his farm.

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Several high country areas have been permanently changed by the weather event. Source: 1 NEWS