Adorable set of cotton-top tamarin twins born at Auckland Zoo

A set of endangered cotton-top tamarins have been born at Auckland Zoo - the second from the same parents this year.

The tiny baby monkeys are only about a week old, tiny and clinging to their parents' backs to get around.

It's the third litter from parents Mr and Mrs Nuri, with previous twin sets Tito and Monitor, and Cali and Yara, sharing the enclosure.

"Their society is pretty unique… that the female will give birth and then almost immediately, the male and the other kids do a lot of the rearing," keeper Jacqui Hooper told Aotearoa Science Agency.

"Cotton-top tamarins are an endangered species so every birth is super important. To have another set of twins in the same year is amazing."

The species are originally from the lowland forests of South America and are critically endangered, with significant deforestation blamed for the destruction of their habitat.

Once their sex is identified, Auckland Zoo says it will run a competition to let the public vote for their favourite names