Adoption advocate disappointed Russian orphans won't find 'loving home' in New Zealand

A New Zealander who helps facilitate overseas adoptions says it is "disappointing" that there will be thousands of young Russian children in orphanages who won't have the chance to start a new life in New Zealand.

The New Zealand government has walked away from negotiations with Russia over adopting orphans.

Russia banned single Kiwis and same sex couples from adopting Russian children when New Zealand legalised gay marriage. Moscow is refusing to budge on the ban.

More than 650 Russian children were adopted by Kiwis between 1992 and 2013, when Russia suspended the practice because it wanted a formal agreement.

Wendy Hawke, executive director for the Inter Country Adoption New Zealand agency, said other countries have managed to reach a breakthrough with Russia, and it's disappointing NZ hasn't.

She was the first Kiwi to adopt two Russian children in 1992.

"It's really disappointing for them," she said. "We are really aware that there are still thousands of children in orphanages in Russia that are still could be offered a loving home in NZ." 

Alex is now looking at tracing other children from his orphanage who were adopted into New Zealand, visit to learn more. Source: Breakfast

Russia won't allow single parents or gay couples to adopt, and NZ won't agree to their terms. Source: 1 NEWS

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