Adele fans: 'Hello from the outside, your biggest fans can't get inside'

Two friends who paid nearly $1300 for Adele tickets, which later turned out to be worth much less, have taken to Facebook asking the superstar for help.

Maz Marshall-Amai, who uses a wheelchair, purchased two tickets from Viagogo thinking they had wheelchair access, but when they turned up this week she found out they're only worth $200 each.

In a Facebook post her friends Letitia Butler says when the purchase was made "she made sure that the seats she selected were wheelchair accessible".

It's NZ's fastest selling tour for any artist, with more than 100k tickets sold in one day. Source: 1 NEWS

"We have them now and we are suddenly in Row P, seat 3 for which is definitely not wheelchair accessible."

Ms Butler says she has contacted the website to try rectify the mistake, but says the website is adamant that the tickets sent to her are the ones she purchased.

She claims the well-known scalping website won't offer a refund, but will resell the tickets on their behalf.

Ms Marshall-Amai bought the tickets for her friends as a gift to cheer her up after the death of her father.

However in a stroke of online brilliance Ms Butler's posted a video singing for help which has had more than 700 shares.

"Hello from the outside, your biggest fans can't get inside”, they're hopeful the Grammy award winner may be listening.

According to Fairfax Live Nation say that Adele concert tickets purchased through reseller sites like Viagogo may not be accepted.