ACT Party makes campaign promise to slash MPs' annual travel, reducing costs and emissions

ACT is pledging to shake up Parliament's schedule in a bid to cut emissions, by reducing the amount MPs fly to Wellington. 

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Party officials say a scheduling tweak can make for quite a bit fewer flights and car trips. Source: 1 NEWS

Leader David Seymour said MPs "could take one simple and costless action to help the climate and save the taxpayer significant money".

"ACT would end the climate hypocrisy in Wellington by slashing taxpayer-funded flights to Parliament by 25 per cent," should the party be part of a Government post-election, Mr Seymour promised today. 

ACT's election policy proposes to increase the number of days Parliament sits - currently three days a week - up to four, and reduce the number of weeks it sits from 30 to 23. 

"Almost no other group of New Zealanders has an unlimited air travel budget," Mr Seymour said. "Ironically, it’s often the politicians who talk about climate change the most who report the biggest air travel expenses each quarter."

"This would reduce the number of flights taken by MPs, and carbon emissions, by around 25 per cent.

"Spending fewer weeks, but the same number of days, in Wellington, and less time travelling, would reduce the time pressure on MPs, leaving more time to be productive at work and home."

Currently, a committee made up of MPs from every party and Speaker Trevor Mallard decide on the sitting calendar.