ACT leader David Seymour to Dance with the Stars




Despite saying he's hopeless, ACT leader David Seymour is going to take part in a new Dancing with the Stars NZ.

There's a catch to Act's latest policy, David Seymour says schools will have to opt out of the collective union agreement.

Source: 1 NEWS

It's due to screen on Three in the second quarter of the year.

"I'm up for this," he said on Thursday.

"But let's be honest - I'm half politician and half electrical engineer, it couldn't be worse if I was bred not to dance."

Mr Seymour says his only experience of fancy footwork was an encounter with an Alsation owned by a Labour voter.

Claiming he's probably the most disadvantaged person in New Zealand when it comes to dancing, Mr Seymour intends starting training immediately.

He's giving his fees and any additional donations to Kidsline, the helpline for young children.

He won't be the first ACT leader to take part in Dancing with the Stars - Rodney Hide gave it a go and his most notable achievement was dropping his partner during a lift.

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