ACT hopes 2020 election will see end to years of being one-man band in Parliament

The ACT Party is hoping next month's election will put an end to years of having a sole Member of Parliament.

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This year the Epsom electorate may not be needed to keep ACT alive. Source: 1 NEWS

While the Epsom electorate has been used several times to keep the party alive, it’s hoped it won’t be needed in the 2020 election.

ACT Party leader David Seymour said he thinks the party is “cautiously optimistic about getting more than just a single MP for the first time in years.”

Seymour has won two out of every five votes - or 43 per cent - in the Epsom electorate in the last two general elections.

While Labour has dropped its biggest name into the Auckland suburb of Epsom in an attempt to boost its candidate, Camilla Belich, the electorate has long been home to ACT-friendly strategic voting.

The National Party is also throwing their support behind the seat, ensuring the party’s survival.

July’s 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll had ACT hitting the five per cent threshold - enough to enter Parliament with six MPs without Epsom.

National said it wouldn’t drop its support behind ACT if the party rises in the polls.

“No, we are absolutely not bleeding votes to ACT,” National leader Judith Collins said.