Abusive former Dunedin priest, Magnus Murray, defrocked by the Vatican

A now former priest in Dunedin has been stripped of the title after the conclusion of a formal Church judicial process. 


Magnus Murray had previously had been a Catholic priest of the Dioceses of Dunedin and Hamilton but has been defrocked for sexual offendings.

Bishop of Hamilton Steve Lowe said in a statement, "Sadly, his removal from the priesthood, does not take away any of the harm that Max Murray's criminal abuse inflicted on those he offended against.

"I hope this action may bring some sense of justice being done to those who have been abused."

The announcement ended a judicial process running since February 23 last year. It was a complicated process because of Murray’s age and health. He was withdrawn from ministry when he retired in 1990.

Bishop Lowe added that the Catholic Church in New Zealand is committed to acting with justice for those who have suffered abuse. 

"Along with recent pronouncements from the Vatican this is another signal that sexual abuse has no place in the Church," he said.

"We continue to encourage anyone who has experienced sexual abuse by a priest to contact our National Office of Professional Standards on 0800 114 622 or email"