'Absolutely revolting!' - Kiwis disgusted by Otago Uni students' shocking behaviour at flat initiation parties




Hundreds of Kiwis have taken to the 1 NEWS Facebook page to voice their opinion, after shocking footage of Otago University students vomiting and urinating on each other emerged from flat initiation parties.

Dave Scott says the university isn't ruling out expulsion for students involved in the hazing.
Source: 1 NEWS

Nearly all of the feedback was from people saying how outraged and disgusted they were at the behaviour.

"Absolutely revolting! To think they're the lawyers and doctors of the future, what an absolute debacle!!" one angry Facebook user wrote.

"Disgusting, time to expel and get rid of them. Because they have gotten away with more and more bad behaviour over the years, they think it is their right to behave like imbeciles," another post read.

The majority of people agreed with University of Otago proctor Dave Scott's position that the students involved in this behaviour could be expelled from the university.

"Embarrass a boss with this crap they would be fired. Shouldn't be any different," one Facebook user posted.

However, not everyone is angry at the students behaviour.

"All of this was consensual, people need to stop acting like this is a problem," read a post with a different outlook. "Loose, looks like fun," another simply wrote.

The footage is from various hazing parties dating all the way back to 2014, but have only surfaced online this week.

One Snapchat video from a flat hazing ritual shows students lying on the ground covered in red liquid, while other students force themselves to throw up on them.

University of Otago proctor Dave Scott told 1 NEWS the university is launching an investigation into the troubling events. 

The students say they have all been through it and it's just part of the tradition.
Source: 1 NEWS

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