'Absolutely gutted' – Top New Zealand Islamic figure appalled by fatal Christchurch mosque shootings

Whoever is responsible for the fatal shooting spree at Masjid Al Noor in Christchurch picked the day of the year the most number of worshippers were in attendence, according to a New Zealand Islam community leader.

Four people are in custody and one is person is on the loose after fatal shootings at two Christchurch's mosques today.

Speaking to 1 NEWS President of the Federation of Islamic Associations NZ Dr Mustafa Farouk says the shooter picked the day with the largest congregation at Masjid Al Noor mosque.

Doctor Mustafa Farouk says the shooting has shaken the entire community.

"It was a big shock to me when I found out what was happening," Dr Farouk said.

"I'm also worried about New Zealand because NZ is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, very good reputation so that image can be affected by this kind of activity."

However Doctor Farouk claims that today's events does not change the perception of the Muslim community and says there are people who do terrible acts around the world.

"The next action is first of all for us to know what happened and who is affected and how we can support their families and those that are affected."

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Dr Farouk, the President of the Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand says the killings have shaken the entire community. Source: 1 NEWS