AB Lime landfill consent application granted despite concerns from Winton residents

AB Lime landfill has been granted resource consent in Southland despite concerns from the community of Winton just four kilometres away. 

Source: 1 NEWS

Independent commissioner Allan Cubitt released his decision today. An appeal period has begun. 

Winston residents felt they weren’t consulted properly as they weren’t included in the two-kilometre radius around the quarry. They also believed taking an unlimited amount of waste was unacceptable.

AB Lime Landfill Action Group, which was formed to oppose the quarry, said it was disappointed that their concerns didn't seem to have had an effect on the outcome. 

"Submitters have been given 15 days to appeal, which in our opinion is totally unrealistic on a matter of this scale. After all, the commissioner granted himself many more weeks before making his decision," the action group's chairperson Katie Allan said.

"This decision will have a negative impact on the whole Southland District for generations to come."

AB Lime applied for six new consents and to vary an existing consent for its site at Kings Bend, located approximately four kilometres east of Winton.

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The landfill is located just kilometres from Winton, and residents aren’t happy. Source: 1 NEWS

The consents give permission for the company to continue operating its landfill, removing the previous cap on waste volumes, and to formally receive emergency waste for a 25-year term.

A previous report believed the consent should not be granted but a decision has been reached with relevant stakeholders.