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Police release vehicle images in Remuera jogger death case - but not weapon info

Police have a weapon they think was involved in the killing of a Remuera mother - but don't want to say what it is.

Images of a yellow Mazda Demio hatchback supplied by police in relation to the killing of Remuera mother Joanne Pert
Images of a yellow Mazda Demio hatchback supplied by police in relation to the killing of Remuera mother Joanne Pert. Source: Supplied

An investigation is underway into the death of Joanne Pert, 41, who was attacked while jogging in the Remuera area and found at the front of a property by an elderly couple on Shore Rd at 10.45am on Thursday.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper today said police are trying to reconstruct Ms Pert's movements on January 7, and released more information about the investigation.

Ms Pert's alleged killer is now believed to have been at another location by 10.30am that day - fifteen minutes before the Auckland mother-of-two was found - and police have also received a confirmed sighting of Ms Pert in the Viaduct Harbour area of the city about 9am.

Police said they also know have knowledge of a weapon which may have been used in the killing, but don't want to say what it is for "operational reasons".

They have also today released images of a vehicle driven by the man accused of the murder, whose name is suppressed, when he handed himself in to police.

The vehicle, a yellow Mazda Demio hatchback, contained a number of "items of interest," police said.

Police are grateful for the dozens of calls they have received from members of the public since setting up a tip-off line and email address for the case, and said all information was being investigated.

At least one person, a Ngapipi Road resident, has provided police with CCTV footage.

Police are continuing to ask for anyone with relevant information or sightings to come forward.

"Jo could have taken any one of a number of routes to get to Shore Rd," Mr Hooper said.

"We know there would have been many other women running in that area between the times of interest to us.

"Other runners may also be able to advise us of any suspicious behaviour or approaches they observed or were subjected to."

The police hotline for this case, which they have name Operation Solitaire, is 0800 765 842, and the email address is solitaire@police.govt.nz.

The man accused of killing Ms Pert is due to appear at court later this month.

The name "We want to hear from anyone who saw this vehicle anywhere between Wednesday January 6 and midday on Thursday, January 7."
Police are appealing for further information from the public after the death of Joanne Pert on Thursday. Source: 1 NEWS


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