84-year-old Rob becomes Outward Bound's oldest graduate

For almost six decades, Outward Bound in the Marlborough Sounds has specialised in helping New Zealanders discover what they're made of.

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The Marlborough Sounds course helps Kiwis of all ages discover what they’re made of. Source: Seven Sharp

At 84, retiree Rob Waldron is the oldest of the tens of thousands who've passed through the course.

"Wish I had done it ages ago," he told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

He reckons other oldies should know there's no limit - the only rule is, you have to be over 18.

"Definitely, there's lot of others out there who have thought about it and thought they are too old," Waldron says.

It's another challenge in his life, after he's been alone for two years. His wife Jean died on July 19, 2018.

He hopes she'd be proud of him for tackling Outward Bound.

Waldon also has a message for the other residents at his retirement home.

"They've got to try it, the ones who think they can do it have got to try it."

He's proving there's no limit to discovering yourself in the great outdoors.