'A 50 tonne bomb on the road fully loaded' - alleged licence scam extends to truck drivers

Kiwi drivers have been warned of "52 tonne bombs" on the road after a drivers' licence scam was uncovered by ONE News.

The driver told ONE News it costs between $3500 and $5000 on the black market. Source: 1 NEWS

A truck driver, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, detailed exactly how the cash-for-licence deal was operating in Auckland.

"Between $3500 and $5000, depending on your relationship with the dealer," he said.

"You don't need to go for theory, you don't need to go for practical but you still have to go two times just to take the photo."

ONE News has witnessed evidence showing AA booking agent Lovepreet Brar offered a heavy truck licence for sale.

It's alleged Brar worked with at least one soft licence testing officer from the VTNZ.

He then allegedly processed the heavy truck licence through the AA in Meadowlands, east Auckland, in exchange for cash.

Police don't believe Lovepreet Brar, the man at the centre of the driver's licence saga, was working alone. Source: 1 NEWS

The holder can then legally drive trucks, trailers, buses, and heavy forklifts.

"This is really dangerous for everybody and dangerous for myself and for you as well, because you are carrying a nearly 50 tonne bomb on the road fully loaded," the truck driver said.

"I am on the road, my family on the road, everyone is on the road and I can't allow this thing if everyone is putting everyone's life at risk."

Another scam is also allegedly being carried out in New Zealand too.

One where fake truck licences from India are being converted to New Zealand licences - no questions asked.

It normally takes at least a year to get a class five truck licence.

Brar denies any involvement in the cash for licences scam currently under investigation by Police, NZTA and the AA.