50,000 free broadband connections to be given to students without internet

A joint venture between the Ministry of Education and Chorus is resulting in 50,000 free broadband connections being provided for students living in homes without internet access. 

A child using a laptop. Source:

Chorus will be waiving the monthly wholesale charges for the new connections for internet service providers for the next six months in an effort to support the move. 

The plan is to have connections up and running for these students by the time that term two commences so they are able to continue with their learning, according to Chorus. 

"Delivering these connections to students in a matter of weeks will present a huge operational challenge for the industry but we know how important this is so we will be working hard to get this done," says Chorus' chief customer officer, Ed Hyde. 

Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand officials says they are 'incredibly supportive' of the move announced this morning. 

"We applaud this move and in particular the collaboration between the ministry and the industry ... and look forward to seeing this being implemented quickly to ensure no one is left behind in this unprecedented time where being connected is a vital service for homes," says the association's CEO, Craig Young. 

Mr Young says there is a 'real need' to see the collaboration continue between internet service providers and the Government.