Labour set to govern alone in historic win

Labour is set to be able to govern alone with 64 MPs. 

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern (left) and National leader Judith Collins (right) face off in the Stuff Leaders' Debate. Source: Supplied

Labour is sitting on 49 per cent with National on a distant 27 per cent. 

Labour landslide: Jacinda Ardern sweeps back into power at election 2020

That will be the first time since the MMP voting system was introduced in 1996 that a single party has been able to form a majority alone.

Big National names including Nick Smith and Gerry Brownlee have lost their electorates.

The Greens and Act are both set to have 10 MPs as it stands. NZ First are out of Parliament with just 2.6% of the vote.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said the result gave her party the mandate to accelerate the recovery process following the Covid-19 pandemic.

National leader Judith Collins conceded defeat and congratulated Ardern on her victory.

Former National leader Simon Bridges told 1 NEWS earlier in the night the results looked to be a “massive majority for Labour”.

"It’s grim. I can’t think of a worse night except for possibly 2002 - but look, it’s grim.

'It's grim'- Simon Bridges gives blunt appraisal of failed National campaign

"What I see on the numbers is a massive majority for Labour with unfettered power to do what they want," Bridges said of the result so far.

A National Party member has called the election "a catastrophe", while TVNZ presenter Hilary Barry agreed, saying the party is having a "horrific night".

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Liam Hehir said National expected to have a “rough night” but this is worse than expected. Source: 1 NEWS

The Green Party is set to bring in 10 MPs, as will ACT.

Voting booths closed at 7pm today. However, almost two million people cast their vote before election day, accounting for about 57 per cent of registered voters. In 2017, 2.6 million people voted, with 1.2 million voting early.  

results in detail
Full election results - find your electorate

The advance votes were counted from 9am.

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Nearly two million people, or 57 per cent of those who enrolled to vote, cast their ballot prior to Source: 1 NEWS

Ballots cast on election day are counted from 7pm and results released by the Electoral Commission as they come in.

Only the party and electorate votes were counted today, not the referendum ballots. Instead, the preliminary referendum results will be released by the Electoral Commission on Friday, October 30.