'I was $10.2 million richer' - Hamilton Powerball winner talks about the moment he knew he'd hit the jackpot

Hamilton's latest Powerball winner has finally come forward to claim his $10.2 million prize despite knowing he had the winning ticket the whole time.

A winning Powerball ticket on the Lotto NZ App. Source: Lotto NZ

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous is quoted as saying in a Lotto press release: "I have a bit of a routine every Sunday morning where I check my Lotto ticket while eating breakfast."

The winner claims that number 5 is his lucky number and saw it was the first thing that jumped out.

"When I saw that it was the winning number, I thought 'well that’s a good start'."

Moving onto checking the rest of his ticket, the man saw he had matched the first three numbers on the same line.

"It wasn't until I saw that I had the next three numbers as well that it really dawned on me what it all meant — I was $10.2 million richer!"

The winning-man contacted his sister first to share the news but says she was in so much disbelief that she drove over to see it for herself.

Before the Hamilton-man claimed his multi-million-dollar prize, he made the special announcement with his kids and invited them over for pizza where he initially told them that he had won $250,000 dollars.

He watched as everybody erupted in celebration and says, "that's when I told them, 'well you better add $10 million to that!' … It took a few moments for them to click what I meant, but then the excitement really kicked off!"

One thing the Powerball winner plans to spend his windfall on is travel.

"Escaping to a European summer sounds like a good idea to me."

The winning ticket was sold at Whitcoulls the Base in Hamilton for the draw on Saturday 15 June.

This is the tenth time Powerball First Division has been struck so far this year.