1 NEWS weatherman Dan Corbett tackles te reo, to high praise from viewers

1 NEWS weather presenter Dan Corbett has won the admiration of viewers for his efforts speaking te reo on-air and says he'll be giving it another go tonight and for the rest of Māori Language Week.

Dan decided to kick off his Māori Language Week broadcasts by weaving in some te reo last night.

He stumbled on a few Māori words but was encouraged by news anchors Wendy Petrie and Simon Dallow from their news desk in the studio.

“Unfortunately last night it was a ‘brain freeze’ moment. I do not script my weather, it is all adlib,” Dan said today.

“I will definitely be giving it another go tonight and for the rest of Māori Language Week, but I might put some of the Māori words in the autocue just to help me along!”

Viewers have been full of praise for his efforts at the indigenous language.

"To Your lovely weather man, Hahaha good on the weather man on one news trying his best to speak in Maori and tell us the weather lol mate you did an awesome and entertaining job," Aneka Phillips posted on Facebook.

Another person wrote on Twitter: “Weatherman Dan is the MAN. Huge respect for him for persisting through a mind blank on live telly when giving te reo a go."

Another shared: "Huge congrats to Dan the Weatherman for his te reo! Ka pai to you."

Dan says he's been taking te reo classes over the winter and this year thought he'd "really give it a go during Māori Language Week". 

"I wrote out the weather forecast in Māori and had one of the Te Karere presenters check it through.

“Having done so many weather broadcasts over the years I don’t normally think twice about what I say, it comes naturally from knowing the daily weather maps. I was in the te reo part of my weather forecast and that is where my brain froze up!"

Dan says the support he’s received has been amazing.

The consensus from viewers seems to be keep up the good work.

Our weather presenter is weaving te reo into his Māori Language Week broadcasts and viewers reckon he's doing an awesome job Source: 1 NEWS