1 NEWS poll 'great for Ardern, leaves Collins disappointed' says Jessica Mutch McKay

Today's 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll is "great for Jacinda Ardern, but leaves Collins disappointed" says 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay.

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National lost 6% in the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll. Source: 1 NEWS

National lost 6 per cent in the poll to sit at 32, while Labour gained 3 per cent to sit at 53.

"This is a great poll for Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins is going to be really disappointed by these numbers," Mutch McKay says.

"I think she’ll see the personal rating as a good sign, but when you look at it, that 32 is a bad number however you shake it down.

"In his last poll Simon Bridges was at 29 per cent and was rolled the next day, Todd Muller - who nobody knew - got 38 per cent so they’re not good numbers for her."

Mutch McKay gave a damning analysis of the current state of the National Party.

"In terms of National, they’re in chaos at the moment they’ve had a whole lot of experience walk out the door and they’re really being punished for that in the polls."

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After weeks of political scandal, resignations and leadership changes, National dropped 6% compared to the last poll in June. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Collins scored 20% as preferred Prime Minister, well ahead of what her predecessors Todd Muller and Simon Bridges received in previous polls, but still well below Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who remains steady at 54%.

The ACT party has made another rise, up to 4.8% support after reaching 3.1% in June’s poll. The Green Party received 5%, which would see them scrape into Parliament if repeated at the September 19 election, but New Zealand First remains in jeopardy at just 2%.

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Meanwhile the poll found Jacinda Ardern was the most trusted leader in Parliament. Source: 1 NEWS

The latest poll results would see ACT boost its MP allocation from one to six, assuming it wins an electorate seat.

Party support

Labour Party - 53% (up 3%)
National Party - 32% (down 6%)
Green Party - 5% (down 1%)
ACT - 4.8% (up 1.7%)
New Zealand First - 2% (up 0.2%)
New Conservative - 1.2%
Māori Party - 1%
Don’t Know/Refused - 14%

Parliamentary seat entitlement

- Labour Party 67
- National Party 41
- Green Party 6
- ACT Party 6

Currently, National has 56 seats, Labour has 46, NZ First has nine, the Greens have eight and ACT has one.

Preferred Prime Minister

- Jacinda Ardern: 54% (steady)
- Judith Collins: 20% (up 18%)
- Winston Peters: 1% (down 1%)
- David Seymour: 1% (up 0.2%)