1 NEWS NOW's moments from 2017 that made us cry

There have been plenty of good moments in 2017, but there has also been others that have made us cry - for good reasons and for bad.

Young mum gets the news she's cancer free

1 NEWS NOW followed the story of Te Aroha Isaia, a South Auckland mother of two who was battling breast cancer.

After chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Te Aroha got the news her family had been praying for - her cancer was gone.

She is now back at work and looking forward to getting on with life with her family.

The 22 victims include an off-duty cop, heroic aunty, children, teens, and mothers. Source: 1 NEWS

Manchester terror attack

It's hard not to become immune to the numerous terror attacks that have taken place around the world, but the Manchester atrocity, outside an Ariana Grande concert in May, is one that struck a chord with many.

The suicide attack seemed a particular kind of cruel, targeting young people, and their parents, excited about a big night out seeing a musical idol.

One of those who died - Saffie Roussos - was just eight.

The star of TV shows Dog Squad and Women in Blue was diagnosed with cancer last month. Source: 1 NEWS

Respected police dog dies of cancer

New Zealand's police dogs are respected as much as their human colleagues, and when one dies, it hits us hard.

In October, Hades, one of New Zealand Police's longest-serving patrol dogs, died just hours after completing his final job.

He was diagnosed with cancer a month earlier, but continued to serve until his final day.

Rest in Peace, Hades. 

Kids at Holy Family School in Porirua want their teachers - and everyone else - to make the effort to say their names correctly. Source: Seven Sharp

Porirua student brought to tears by people mispronouncing her name

A Porirua principal garnered plenty of headlines by saying there was racism in people not bothering to pronounce his students' names correctly. 

But it was the personal account of 10-year-old Kahurangi, who told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp in tears that hearing her name said incorrectly made her sad, that captured people's hearts.

It wasn't just brave Kahurangi who were moved to tears by her plight, with plenty of others reflecting on how their actions, and words, can impact on other people.

First time candidate Tamati Coffey has won the electorate of Waiariki for Labour, beating out Te Ururoa Flavell. Source: 1 NEWS

Te Ururoa Flavell cries at Maori Party's electoral failure

Whatever your political leanings, it was hard not to feel for Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell's tears after his party was dumped out of parliament in the September election.

The Maori Party missed out after Mr Flavell lost his Waiariki seat to Labour's Tamati Coffey.

"I'm so disappointed for tonight and that we didn't come through," Mr Flavell said in an emotional concession speech from Rotorua.

Six months after being diagnosed with cancer, Te Aroha Isaia heard the words she's been waiting for. Source: 1 NEWS

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