1 NEWS exclusive: Plunket accused of drawing money from small communities while head office fat cats earn $180K plus salaries

1 NEWS has received more complaints about Plunket's head office, with accusations it's taking money from small communities while continuing to pay themselves huge salaries.

A 1 NEWS exclusive reveals more complaints about the spending of NZ’s largest support service for under-fives. Source: 1 NEWS

Last year 11 senior managers were paid salaries of more than $180,000 and almost two million dollars was paid out to consultants.

The organisation's consultancy payments were up by $600,000 from the previous year.

The community of Pirongia is also at war with Plunket, saying the $25,000 they raised to build a new playground has gone missing.

"We want our money and if we don't get it we are seeking legal advice," Plunket volunteer Ruth Webb told 1 NEWS.

Plunket bosses today said Pirongia residents will get their playground.

"It's just taken us too long to get the answer to them," Plunket Chief Executive Amanda Malu said.

The charitable organisation is re-organising with the national office taking control of local assets.

However, parents in Hurunui, Karori and now Waikato are fighting back against what they say is misuse of funds to pay for consultants, marketing and high executive salaries.

"Plunket has morphed into a marketing company now that is trading-off a 100-year-old brand that New Zealanders know and love to pay salaries for head office staff and that's appalling," Karori mum Rachel Bowie said.

Plunket doesn't accept this criticism and says they're committed to providing Kiwi families with the best possible service.

As part of a restructure ownership of the properties have been transferred to Plunket's head office. Source: 1 NEWS

"I'm not going to apologise for trying to bring in the best that we can to make the difference of a lifetime for New Zealand families.

"In relation to the marketing costs nearly half of that is producing resources for families, so books that many families will be familiar with," Plunket's Ms Malu said.

Plunket says they have had to make some tough decisions and the changes made have been necessary to provide support to everyone family that needs it in New Zealand.

Plunket's total income from last year was $85 million, three quarters of that was taxpayer funded.