'Which bad flag design will the rest of the world ignore from now on' - Aussies

Australians are praising forward thinking New Zealand for encouraging a debate about a new flag, but for some, only because it will distinguish itself from their six star banner.

From a list of thousands, New Zealanders now have their final four options for an alternative Kiwi flag. Source: 1 NEWS

Australians were also quick to point out that two of the four finalists announced today were even designed by a Melbourne resident, Kiwi-born architect Kyle Lockwood.

"Three of the four flags, selected by the plainly-named Flag Consideration Panel, feature the silver fern, an endemic New Zealand plant that figures largely in the country's culture," the Sydney Morning Herald said.

"The fourth option derives from the koru, a spiral shape that is itself based on an unfurling silver fern and is an important symbol in Maori art.

"The silver fern has won the imprimatur of two of New Zealand's most influential figures, Prime Minister John Key and All Blacks captain Richie McCaw (the silver fern also constitutes the All Blacks logo).

The Guardian Australia said: "I just caught myself wondering if New Zealand really needs a flag, or if New Zealand even exists at all. I’m in the eye of the koru and it’s time to wrap this up."

While, the Guardian Australia’s comment editor Adam Brereton took to Twitter to engange in the flag debate.