'What the freak was that?' - social media lights up over meteor spotting

With a quick flash and a boom, the meteor that lit up the night sky across the North Island was here and then it was gone with only a lucky few managing to witness the phenomenon.

A Kiwi driver captures dashcam footage of a fireball streaking across the NZ night sky. Source: 1 NEWS

The fireball could be seen streaking across the sky from Whangarei to Nelson at around 10pm, with witnesses describing a blue streak followed by an explosion on social media.

ONE News Facebook readers say they saw or heard the meteor in Nelson, Taranaki, Wellington, Wairarapa, Te Awamutu, Tauranga, Hamilton, Ngaruawahia, Havelock North and Auckland.

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"Def saw it, thought I was imagining things!" wrote Ann-Marie Edmonds on ONE News' Facebook page.

"I saw it. Buzzy as," wrote Pewhairangi Vivers.

Anna Graham from Hamilton said she thought the meteor was an approaching thunderstorm.

"Saw it in Hamilton, thought it was lightening and was waiting for the thunder but thought it didn't quite add up with the clear skys."

Many didn't see the meteor but heard its sonic boom.

"Yep heard it. house rattled. I thought "what the freak was that!" says Georgianna Makepenny.

Veronica Shepherd thought a truck or train had driven past.

"Wow! Yes I saw the place light up but didn't give it a lot of thought at the time," Cheryllynn Johnson wrote.

Speaking to TV ONE's Breakfast, David Britten of the Auckland Astronomical Society says seeing the meteor last night was a rare sight.

"The people that did get to see it or video it are very privileged," Mr Britten said.

The reaction on Twitter:

The most question still remains: Did the meteor say if it loves New Zealand or not?

— Sanjay Patel (@spat106) February 11, 2015

The meteor was supposed to hit #SkyCity. John Key's being praying for an insurance job but God was only half listening

— B€n Hur£€¥ (@benhurleycom) February 11, 2015

I say we just claim the meteor as the greatest Cricket World Cup opening fireworks ever

— Jesse Mulligan (@JesseMulligan) February 11, 2015

I missed the meteor thing. Aah well, easy comet, easy go. #AaaaandAVeryGoodNightToYou

— Vaughan Smith (@fletch_VAUGHAN) February 11, 2015