'Today, we simply mourn Lecretia and the extraordinary woman she was'

Lecretia Seales' husband and a former prime minister gave emotional tributes during the euthanasia campaigner's funeral in Wellington this afternoon.

The Wellington lawyer who reignited the euthanasia debate in New Zealand was laid to rest today. Source: 1 NEWS

Matt Vickers said he was still coming to terms with his wife's death after the 42-year-old succumbed to terminal brain cancer last Friday.

He said she was planning the year ahead, with her mother's 60th birthday and a holiday overseas to India.

Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer said Mrs Seales left a legacy that will help change the law for others in her situation.

In a statement to the media, Mr Vickers said today was a "heartbreaking" day for his wife's family and friends.

"The last couple of months have introduced many people to the woman that Lecretia was, but to those that knew her previously, she was always an extraordinary and exceptional person."

He said the final stages of Mrs Seales' illness "happened very quickly, and caught us all by surprise".

"Today we remember Lecretia. The wife, the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the niece, and the friend. The very day she passed, Lecretia set in motion a chain of events that are still playing out, and that as a family we will need to respond to.

"For today, we simply mourn Lrecretia and the extraordinary woman she was."

Mrs Seales was diagnosed with brain cancer four years ago and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy she had exhausted all medical treatment options and became visually impaired and partially paralysed.

Last week, a High Court judgement ruled against Mrs Seales allowing a doctor to euthanise her without fear of prosecution.

In his judgment, the judge said that only Parliament can change the law to reflect Ms Seales' wishes and that the courts cannot trespass on the role of Parliament.