'The first referendum doesn’t respect my ability to vote' - RSA president



Seven Sharp

RSA national president BJ Clark says the first flag referendum "doesn't respect my ability to vote".

Last night Mr Clark was a guest on TVNZ's Seven Sharp as he responded to remarks from the show's host Mike Hosking, who said he was "astounded with the RSA's view" on the flag debate.

Mr Clark further encouraged those in favour of keeping the current flag over the four alternative options, and to say so in November's first referendum.

"There is nothing within the rules that says we cannot write on the ballot 'we do not want to change our flag'."

He said by writing on the ballot form for no change it will be received as an informal vote and tallied.

"There are a large number of people out there that do not want to change the flag."

Mike argues that the RSA’s call to spoil flag voting papers is ‘undemocratic’
Source: Seven Sharp

Hosking argued it was disrespectful to "scribble" all over the ballot paper, however Mr Clark retorted that "the first referendum doesn’t respect my ability to vote".

"Right now we will retain the current flag.

"The RSA [are] not anarchists … If the country had said something along the lines of, 70 per cent of us want to change the flag, then we would have gone along with the result."

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