'Stop this PC rubbish!' - Kiwis slam door on gender neutral toilets

Many New Zealanders have slammed the door on gender neutral toilets if reaction on social media to the call from a transgender support organisation is anything to go by.

Duncan Matthews from Rainbow Youth  told TVNZ's Breakfast this morning that public bathrooms should all be transitioned to  gender-neutral to help the transgender community feel safer.

He cited aircraft bathrooms as a successful and widespread implementation of them.

Julia DeLuney was among many on the ONE News Facebook page who shunned the idea of making public bathrooms gender neutral.

"Stop this PC rubbish! NO! We're not changing everything in society that's offensive/inconvenient to these people. They can get over themselves. Do you think women will feel safe with 'gender free' changing rooms/bathrooms? Of course not!," she raged.

Kimberly Hunter posted that if gender neutral toilets were introduced she'd never let her daughter go to the bathroom in a public area.

"Words cannot explain how idiotic this idea is. If anything do women's men and unisex."

Mr Matthews told Breakfast a lot of people couldn't afford to undergo gender affirming treatments, such as the high-profile case of Caitlyn Jenner recently, but were still equally entitled to identify with any gender they wished, and to feel safe doing that.

Duncan Matthews from Rainbow Youth says safety concerns around gender neutral bathrooms would go away with relevant design. Source: Breakfast

But Josh Te Kowhai posted on Facebook: "...all because of Caitlyn the hero. Yup do it and see how much safer women feel about men being around. What a stupid concept. Do it because you feel its right not to justify the transgender community. All 1% of them."

Heather Carston wrote in a similar vein: "Sorry, but as a woman I do not feel comfortable at all with unisex toilets. For the fractional percentage of people who are transgender, there are way more people just like me who feel the way I feel. Make a transgender one if you must - but no more than that."

Some agree with the idea, however, among them Jesse Kelly, who posted:"I think there should be gender neutral bathrooms available to those who want them. If you are uncomfortable with using the same bathroom as someone of the opposite sex, don't use that bathroom." 

Nicky Halfacre was among several who pointed out many public buildings already have unisex toilets. 

"Pretty sure everyone has one in their house too! But if you're trans gender & there are no unisex toilets, use the one that is for the gender you identify with. Why is this a problem?"