'She is still a child' - Mum 'vowing' to change law around teenage abortion

A mother whose daughter's school organised an abortion for the teenager without parental consent is petitioning parliament for a law change to prevent it happening again.

Under New Zealand law a child can have an abortion organised by their school and they aren't required to tell the parents. 

This happened to Taranaki mum Hillary Kieft whose 15-year-old girl, Ariana, had a school-organised abortion.

Ms Kieft has travelled to Wellington to lodge a petition to have the law changed.

"Our daughter had to make a life-alerting decision and with a stranger and was expected to keep this as a secret from us. At age 15 she is still a child," says Ms Kieft.

"If we had known we would have been there. We would have been able to get her the help she needed.

"When I was 16 I had an abortion. Ariana sort of knew my story and I think in a way I failed a little bit by not telling Ariana about my past.

"A lot of girls don't tell their parents due to shame. I never told my mum due to shame.

"The current law shows we seem to have become a country where life is cheap."

Ms Keift says she really wants to see the law change and is optimistic it will.

"I believe there will be a change. I don't doubt it, and if they prove me wrong I will just keep going, it's the vow I have made".

Hillary Kieft's 15-year-old daughter never came home from high school one day and had an abortion without her parents' knowledge. Source: Seven Sharp

Wellington cafe project helps with teen's anxiety

A Wellington youth project offering a barista course has given a new lease of life to a teenager struggling with anxiety.

Zeal converted an old container into a café in Cuba Mall, run by young people.

"I loved it straight away because it's more hands on than anything else," 18-year-old Georgia Hudson said.

Her trainer Kirk Hodgson said Georgia needed some encouragement

"Georgia was scared to try things she hadn't tried before".

Local youth worker Scottie Reeve said Georgia's story is common.

"In New Zealand we're seeing an epidemic of anxiety in young people.

"They're growing up in a world that has changed an enormous amount in their lifetime.

"Those challenges can really be changed by giving young people a chance to realise they have a skill to offer."

When a second container café was created Georgia was hired to manage it.

The café makes money which can be reinvested in youth projects.

Georgia has big ideas for her future, saying she wants to open her own combined café and record store. 

“It's pretty surreal. I never would have guessed a cafe would be named after me,” Georgia says, who used to stress over school work. Source: Seven Sharp


Orangutan attacks and bites New Zealand tourist in Indonesia

An orangutan has reportedly attacked several tourists, including a New Zealander, as they tramped in the Bukit Lawang resort area in North Sumatra.

The manager of the Sumatra Orangutan Observation Center in Bukit Lawang, Riswan Bangun said the injured tourist was identified as 27-year-old Kiwi Binula Wickramarachchi, who is currently being treated at the Colombia Hospital in Medan, The Jakarata Post reported.

"The victim was bitten on his right knee,” Riswan said.

Riswan said the attack may have come from a 38-year-old wild orangutan named Minah, who has earlier been kept as a pet.

An orangutan (File)
An orangutan (File) Source: istock.com