‘It’s just wrong’ that judges need police protection from fathers over custody disputes before the court – Andrew Little

Justice Minister Andrew Little says it's concerning that police are having to protect Family Court judges at their private homes from angry fathers protesting over custody cases.

The men who have either lost custody or visitation rights to their children are gathering outside the homes of Family Court judges in Auckland, according to a NZ Herald report.

The Justice Minister talked about the issue on TVNZ1’s Breakfast today. Source: Breakfast

Speaking on TVNZ1's Breakfast today Mr Little said picketing judges' homes is "just wrong" and "very disturbing".

"I just think it's wrong, the people living at judges homes are not the ones sitting on the bench making decisions about those family disputes in court," Mr Little said.

"If you want to challenge what the judge has done, you've got rights of appeal."

Mr Little says if there is a disagreement over current family law or the Family Court system then an appropriate response is to protest on the front of the court steps.

He said the Government is committed to a review of the way the family law is being administered. 

"We know the impact especially on children has been more children going longer periods with no certainty about their care arrangements," Mr Little said.

"The length of time it is now taking for cases to go through the court is unconscionable and we have to change it."