‘It’s cool to come back’ – Aussie shark attack survivor reunites with nurse that saved his life

In what might be the final step in his recovery from the 2014 shark attack that took his arm and hand, Australian man Sean Pollard has been reunited with the Royal Flying Doctor nurse who saved his life.

That woman was Fiona Dickson, who was working in October 2014 when Pollard was attacked by a great white shark at the remote Kelpie's beach in Western Australia.

When she came upon the 26-year-old electrician he has severely injured and losing blood rapidly, Nine News reports.

He was rushed to Esperance Hospital and flown to Perth, and 200 staples and stitches were needed to close his wounds.

Now, three and a half years later, Mr Pollard finally feels comfortable enough to enter the same plane that transported him to safety, and the nurse who treated him.

"It's kind of come full circle now, so it's cool to come back," Mr Pollard said.

"This is the first step of me getting better, so this is where it all started really."

The story in between the attack and this emotional reunion with Fiona Dickson has however been a positive one.

Mr Pollard compete at the Winter Paralympics in snowboarding this year.