'Queen replaced Freddie Mercury' - Judge shames Phil Rudd at rocker's sentencing

Rock star Phil Rudd was told by a judge that “Queen replaced Freddie Mercury, and your band is touring without you now”, before being sentenced on threatening to kill and drug charges.

The former AC/DC drummer was sentenced at Tauranga District Court. Source: 1 NEWS

The 61-year-old former ACDC drummer was sentenced to eight months home detention on charges of threatening to kill and drug possession.

Affidavits read in the Tauranga District Court today also revealed Rudd’s long addiction to methamphetamine.

"Dad had a heart of gold and wouldn’t hurt a fly … it’s just when drugs take over he behaves how he taught me not to," Rudd’s lawyer Craig Tuck read to the court on behalf of the rocker’s son, Stephen.

"It's heart wrenching to watch something all too familiar in our industry  ... meth psychosis  ... tears were shared by many who watched from a distance."

Rudd made a substantial reparations payment to his victim, but Judge Thomas Ingram was not swayed by Rudd’s lawyer claiming convictions would affect the rocker's future with ACDC.

"Queen replaced Freddie Mercury, and your band is touring without you now," he said, refusing the rocker's request for a discharge without conviction.

Crown Prosecutor Anna Pollett said Rudd had been discharged without conviction before,  adding: "This offending is a serious example of a threat to kill".

Rudd's lawyer conceded his client's threat to kill occurred during a period of heavy drug use in 2014.

"Here you are back drawing water from the same well at 61-years-old ... if anyone should understand the consequences [of drug use] it should be you," Judge Ingram said.

Rudd will be monitored by an electronic surveillance bracelet as part of his sentence.