'My ex would never have touched me sober' - readers react to family violence paper

One News readers have weighed in on tougher penalties for family violence cases, as discussed on this morning’s Q & A.

The Justice Minister has signalled tougher penalties and new offences could be created around domestic violence crimes. Source: 1 NEWS

Justice Minister Amy Adams outlined a few proposals aimed at reducing the country’s high domestic violence rates despite "a number of initiatives over many years by a wide-range of people".

Viewers were quick to respond to the interview, including Debbie Brown who offered insight after requiring hospital attention when her partner lashed out during an alcohol-fuelled rage.

Ms Brown suggests more funding for anger management courses - something other readers also considered an option - to help with recognising and dealing with the problem before authorities get involved.

"My ex would never have touched me sober… he's in jail for that now but would’ve been much better if he’d dealt with his booze/anger/violence before it reached that point," Ms Brown said.

Other viewers were less forgiving such as Frank Burns: "We must be less accepting", saying public shaming is the solution.

"There is no excuse for domestic violence I don't care how bad things get for some families, domestic violence crosses all races, ages, classes," he wrote.

Emma Raphael believed the current system allows abusers to continue their behaviour.

"It is the lawyers and judges that give these abusers more and more 'get out of jail free cards', and all this teaches the abusers is how to manipulate the justice system even more," Ms Raphael wrote.

A Government review will be released on Wednesday, listing steps which could curb New Zealand’s concerning domestic violence statistics.