'Key, you are in cloud cuckoo land'- ONE News readers slam cost of bringing pandas to Wellington




The idea of bringing rare pandas from China to Wellington Zoo at a significant cost to the taxpayer has been slammed by a large group of ONE News readers.

Prime Minister John Key says investing taxpayers’ money into the panda project will be good for the economy.
Source: 1 NEWS

Prime Minister John Key says he'll raise the subject of procuring pandas for the capital with China's President Xi at their next meeting.

The cost of getting and keeping China's iconic bear at Wellington Zoo is estimated to run into the tens of millions of dollars and Mr Key has even suggested we could send endangered kiwis to China to help secure a deal.

That suggestion has been met with resentment from many, including ONE News reader Ria Aleyda Morgan, who said buying the pandas would be too expensive.

"What about the ongoing costs and having to bring in a certain type of bamboo that it eats, these animals aren't cheap. Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes."

Others thought the money would be better spent elsewhere.

"Cute & cuddley isn't going to help our "housing crisis" nor put food on the table... among other needs that need to be met in NZ!!! stop rubbing arses with "China" John Key!!!!," wrote Daph Pawson.

Citizen's Resistance said New Zealand should concentrate on saving the Kiwi rather than acquiring pandas.

Prime Minister John Key says he will talk to the Chinese president about a possible swap of kiwis for pandas.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I cannot believe PM John Key is considering pouring millions of taxpayers money into this venture. Pandering to China by the looks, disgraceful waste of money. How about he look after the future of our national bird the Kiwi, by not cutting the preservation funding for our iconic kiwi."

Todd Madden wrote: "Wow there is potentially 36 million (26 on the flag 10 on the panda)that could gave gone into housing (20,000 needed in Auckland) into health sector so people aren't discharged with no way to get home or clothes to wear home... and we won't mention the funding of more refugees."

ONE News reader Bettina Ward simply wrote: "Spending tax payers money in a stupid way again,Key, you are in cloud cuckoo land".

But a few readers thought buying the pandas would be a good idea.

Murray Corby wrote: "What a great idea for Wellington we saw the Pandas in Adelaide when we were their on holiday, I would think we would increase tourist dollars to the Capital."

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