'Just an angry phone call' - Phil Rudd's lawyer downplays threatening to kill charge




Phil Rudd's lawyer says charges against the former AC/DC drummer stem from a phone call.

Phil Rudd pleaded guilty to three charges in the Tauranga District Court.
Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking outside Tauranga District Court this morning, Craig Tuck downplayed charges against Rudd.

"This matter was essentially just an angry phone call," he told waiting media.

Rudd pleaded guilty to three charges this morning, including threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis.

Hopping out of a sports car, Rudd was cheered on by supporters when he entered court this morning, "good luck Phil," one was heard saying.

When he emerged from the brief trial, where another charge of threatening to kill was dropped, Rudd popped a cigarette into his mouth and got swiftly into a waiting car and was driven away.

Speaking on his behalf, Mr Tuck said he would "most certainly be seeking discharge" of the convictions.

Criticising police action, Mr Tuck said police acquired a search warrant upon hearing about the phone call, leading to Rudd's subsequent arrest.

He said nine police officers, dogs and media turned up at Rudd's home. A charge of attempting to procure murder was later dropped.

The maximum sentence for threatening to kill is seven years in jail.

The case has been adjourned until June 26. Rudd's lawyer, Craig Tuck, says he will apply for a discharge without conviction for his client.

He also said a team of lawyers was looking into damages to Rudd's reputation.

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