'It's warmer in the chiller than outside' - another night of record lows for South Island

It's yet another chilly night for much of the country, hard on the heels of New Zealand's coldest in two decades near the centre of the South Island.

The last two evenings account for two of the four times New Zealand has seen minus 20 temperatures. Source: 1 NEWS

While the record low temperatures aren't causing much chaos, it has been a hot topic of discussion.

Spare a thought for those living in the township of Omarama in the Mackenzie Country. "It's like a freezer," they're saying after a bone-chilling minus 21 degrees was recorded. That's New Zealand's coldest in 20 years and not far off the country's record low of -25 set in Ranfurly in 1903.

A satellite picture of the country taken from space illustrates just why it's been so chilly. Clear skies are allowing any warmth of the day to escape and making it even colder, particularly with the significant snow cover in the south.

The wall-to-wall snow in Omarama is beautiful, but for those who live there, the novelty has well and truly worn off. "It's alright for the first day. Now I'm sick of looking at it," one local resident told ONE News.

They're sick of the snow, sick of the cold - just plain sick of it.

"Minus 20 is something I've never experienced. I walked into the chiller, found out it was actually warmer in the chiller than it was outside. So that was a unique experience that's for sure," says Terry Walsh of the Omarama garage.

Pipes are bursting all over the place. "It's going to be an interesting couple of days," says John McGartland, a Twizel plumber.

Without any water, an Omarama cafe couldn't even make a latte. "Tourists can't have coffee, Aucklanders can't have their coffee here. That's a major drama here," says Builder Hank Verheu who's been called out to help with burst pipes in the area.

And for those who are sick of the sight of all the snow, the news from our expert is brace yourself for another nippy night.

"Going into the weekend, we will certainly not be seeing minus twenties. There'll be frosts, but we'll be getting back to probably some more seasonal temperatures," says Dan Corbett, ONE News weather presenter.