'I've had a wonderful life' - Lecretia Seales' moving tribute to family and friends

Lecretia Seales, the Wellington lawyer and pro-euthanasia advocate who died this morning, made a moving farewell video for her family and friends on the off chance she didn't survive her first brain surgery.

Lecretia Seales moving video to family and friends before brain surgery. Source: Sunday

Source: 1 NEWS

"I've really had a wonderful life. I've been so, so lucky and I'm just incredibly overwhelmed and grateful for all the love and support everyone has shown me" Ms Seales said in her farewell video, filmed outdoors on a sunny day.

A smiling Ms Seales began the video by saying: "I just wanted to say a couple of words before my surgery on Wednesday".

"I'm really hopeful it's all going to go well and I'm planning to see everyone afterwards."

Lecretia Seales dies hours after her family receive High Court euthanasia decision

Ms Seales was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011 and survived the surgery.

She had radiation and chemotherapy, exhausting all medical treatment options which ultimately led to her pro-euthanasia crusade as her condition deteriorated.

She died just hours after her family received the High Court decision about whether her doctor could euthanise her without fear of prosecution.

Ms Seales had gone to the High Court in Wellington this year to request a landmark ruling to allow her doctor to assist her in dying, without the risk of prosecution under the Crimes Act , in the event her final days became unbearable to her.

The High Court decision is expected to be released to the public this afternoon.