'I need a new mugshot' wanted man plays catch me if you can with cops

A Christchurch man with a warrant out for his arrest has taunted police by commenting on his own mugshot on Facebook.

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Christchurch police posted a photo of Samuel Lake on their Facebook page, saying the 23-year-old was wanted for arrest.

Seeing the post on Facebook, a Sam Lake, believed to be the wanted man, commented saying: "I need to get a new mugshot".

Christchurch Police replied to the comment saying he could come and see them and that they would arrange a new one "at no cost".

Lake then further jeered police by commenting back saying: "If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks".

Lake posted a mock photo of his mugshot on Facebook today with actor Ben Stiller's face photoshopped in place of his own.

The post has gone viral on the internet, with hundreds posting comments and sharing the mugshot.

Police haven't verified if Sam Lake's Facebook account is authentic.

Mugshot of Samuel Lake.

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