'I'm a person with feelings and to be written about like this hurts'- Millie Elder-Holmes

Widespread support on social media has been shown to Millie Elder-Holmes after a scathing column was published about her in The Dominion Post.

The court has heard evidence around the death of Connor Morris, who died as a result of a street brawl in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

The opinion piece written by columnist Rosemary McLeod talks about Millie growing up in the spotlight, as well as both her late father Sir Paul Holmes and boyfriend Connor Morris.

"I blame Millie's step-father, the engaging, quixotic, sentimental Paul Holmes, for dragging her into the spotlight," Ms McLeod said.

Later in the article, when commenting about Elder-Holmes murdered partner Connor Morris, she describes the incident as "a bit West-Side Story". 

An angry Ms Elder- Holmes hit back at the article today, saying she felt hurt by the comments made in the article especially about Mr Morris.

She took to Twitter and Facebook to vent her feelings towards Ms McLeod and Stuff, who published the column.

Watch highlights of Frankie Adams and Millie Elder-Holmes from Fight for Life. Source: SKY

She also told her Facebook followers she never wanted to be in the public eye and that she never asked for this.

"I don't want to respond or fuel it but this media S*** is has been so intense in the last year especially during the hardest time in my life," she said.

"I've had to deal with people bashing me, trolling me and making rude remarks about me and my partner who was murdered. I don't know what to say anymore."

It isn't the first time that Ms McLeod has made comments about the Holmes family.

In 2013 she wrote a column about Sir Paul Holmes before his funeral.